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MFIS PSA 2 - Set Your Goals

"Begin with the end in mind."

 - Stephen Covey

WHY is this meaningful to you?

Achieve your Ideal Life. What does this mean to you? This is something we value and something we know many individuals continue to strive for. This best practice will provide you an opportunity to reflect on your life, from a professional and personal perspective to determine what your ideal life looks like.

The process of envisioning your ideal life can be very powerful and may provide you with new insight and perspective. What would you consider to be the pinnacle of your success -your Ideal Life?

As part of this process, you will begin to recognize the ways that your professional and personal life, influence each other. By doing so, you will begin to create an increased awareness around the areas of your life that are a priority. This heightened sense of awareness will help bring clarity.


The process of identifying your Ideal Life will rejuvenate and invigorate you and have a positive impact on all aspects of your life. Your description of an Ideal Life will serve as a beacon, guiding all your choices.

WHO is this proven strategy designed for?


For those who want to create a clear understanding of what matters to them personally and professionally.

WHAT should you expect?


You will: 

  • Become aware of exactly what is important to you professionally and personally

  • Be more likely to achieve your goals if you regularly review them and write them down

  • Notice a new level of awareness and accomplishment

  • Feel empowered with this proactive approach to managing your success

WHAT you need to know


HOW to Take Action & Implement Successfully?


Part 1 – Your Ideal Life

  1. Print a copy of the Ideal Life & Goal Setting Worksheet to get started.

  2. Begin with Step 1 and use this worksheet to record your dreams.

    • Keep it concise -- write no more than a page -- but be as specific as possible, as this record will be an important guide.

    • Think about what really matters to you.

    • Allow yourself about 20-30 minutes for Step 1 of this process.

  3. Carefully consider all the questions listed on the Ideal Life & Goal Setting Worksheet.

    • Be as thorough as possible and include both personal and professional ideals.

  4. When ready, move onto Part 2 – Your Life’s Goals.

Remember: it might not be perfect the first time you put it down on paper - and that's ok. Your ideal life will begin to take shape and become further refined as time goes on and you reflect on your ideal life regularly. Be clear about what you want, yet flexible enough to work within your present reality.

Part 2 – Your Life's Goals

  1. Move onto Step 2 of the Ideal Life & Goal Setting Worksheet

    • Allow yourself about 15-25 minutes for Step 2 of this process.

  2. Carefully consider your Ideal Life and the goals associated with achieving it.

  3. Begin to list your short, medium and long-term goals. 

    • Be as thorough as possible and include both personal and professional goals.

    • Follow the SMART Goals approach to defining your goals.

  4. When complete, you can save the worksheet to an electronic file and complete it on the computer or flash drive OR you can print it and complete it manually.

    • If completing on the computer save the file using a date suffix for easy identification (i.e. IdealLife_July09).

    • If completing it manually, store it in your PSA Binder.

Make a note on your calendar to revisit your Ideal Life & Life’s Goals Worksheet every three months. Review your Ideal Life and Goals: note those that you have achieved and those that you have made progress towards. Update this worksheet accordingly.  Share this with your Manager and/or another leader at your Credit Union and ask for permission to update them on your progress every 3 months. 

Be sure to keep all your Ideal Life& Goal Setting Worksheets as it can be enlightening to review them and to see how your dreams have been realized.

You may also want to use Hugh Culver's Plan Like  Pilot tool.

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PSA 2 Set Your Goals 

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