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Your Team & Affiliates

Business People Talking Each Other
  • Determine who will coordinate and oversee the major areas of your business

  • Identify specific tasks within an area each team member will own

  • Successfully delegate tasks and activities within your team

  • Create awareness of expectations and accountability for each role

  • Establish a simple method of accountability on a weekly basis with your team members

  • Ensure your team is fully aligned and engaged in the strategic vision of your practice

  • Develop a greater sense of team unity

  • Enable full participation from everyone on the team on a regular basis

Business Meeting
  • Identify the various types of Strategic Partners who are key to providing meaningful value-adds beyond the wealth management to your ideal clients

  • Take a detail inventory of your current Strategic Partners

  • Implement an ongoing method of proactively managing your Strategic Partners

  • Identify which Strategic Partners you need to add to your network

  • Identify which Strategic Partners you want to add to your network

  • Learn how to identify potential Strategic Partners

  • Follow a professional process to ensure Strategic Partners are a good fit for you and your clients

Walking and Talking
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