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Expand Your Strategic Partners

"We rise by lifting others."

 - Robert Ingersoll

WHY is this important?


Your best clients are paying a lot of money for you to help them manage their wealth and they expect exceptional service.  One way to exceed expectations is to provide them with access to a range of qualified professionals beyond your area of expertise who will help make their lives easier.  Never underestimate the importance of this type of service – we’ve all been on the receiving end of an introduction that we valued and appreciated a great deal!

The conversations related to expanding this network include having important discussions with your best clients about who they already work with so you can identify potential strategic partners, but also uncover needs and make recommendations where needed. 

By expanding your network of Strategic Partners, you will be able to maximize this value-add to your best clients as well as, develop a network of professionals who can send you qualified introductions to new clients. This is a fantastic way to grow your business.

Who is this proven strategy designed for?


For Advisors who want to have a full team of professionals available for their best clients to ensure all aspects of their wealth planning and beyond are met AND those Advisors who want to create an exclusive network of professionals.  This strategy is for those wanting to expand their existing network of Strategic Partners.

WHAT should you expect?


  • Identify which Strategic Partners you need to add to your network

  • Identify which Strategic Partners you want to add to your network

  • Learn how to identify potential Strategic Partners

  • Follow a professional process to ensure Strategic Partners are a good fit for you and your clients

  • Strategically allocate your time, energy, and resources to grow your business

HOW to Take Action & Implement Successfully?


Who Are Your Potential Strategic Partners 

  1. Use the work you completed in the previous best practice related to any of the potential Strategic Partners or areas you need to expand in your network.

  2. You can translate this work to the Potential Strategic Partners Worksheet.

    • Write down the names of the potential Strategic Partners, along with the type of professional they are or service they provide.

  3. If you have some spaces to fill, consider the following:

    • Who your best clients currently use – look for a name that comes up more than once and whom you’ve heard great feedback about

    • Individual in your Organization in varying positions and roles

    • Individuals in your Professional Networks (Rotary Clubs, Chamber of Commerce, Financial Affiliations, etc.)

    • Individuals in your Personal Networks (Alumni, Neighbourhood Groups, Community Affiliates, etc.)

  4. If you haven't already had conversations with your best clients about the other professionals in their lives, you'll want to begin now.

    • The Script to Use with Clients gives you some language to start these conversations.  This will either identify outstanding service providers you may want to get to know or identify clients who should be introduced to one or more of your Strategic Partners. 

Follow a Professional Process to Identify Your New Strategic Partners

  1. Review the Strategic Partner FIT Process to get an overview of why this unique approach is so important.

  2. The Strategic Partner Checklist provides you with a complete outline of the steps you can follow to successfully meet and screen potential Strategic Partners.

  3. Use the Initial Contact Script to assist you with setting up the initial meeting.

  4. You can use the same Introduction Kit we created earlier in PSA to send to potential Strategic Partners.  The only item that is different is the Cover Letter for Introduction Kit.

  5. You can use the sample Agenda provided to facilitate the 2nd Meeting in the process (the one conducted at your place of business).

  6. Create a list of Action Items using Making it Happen - What's Next?

  7. If you determine a mutual fit, classify them as a Strategic Partner on the CRM, follow through with the welcome steps and set up appropriate servicing to proactively manage the relationship.

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