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Work Effectively with Your Team

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team"

 - Phil Jackson

WHY is this important?


Building a successful team happens by purposeful design, not by chance. Regardless of the size of your team, you will get value from the process of carefully identifying your advisory business model and the core business activities within it. This will allow you to meaningfully align each of the areas and activities within your business with your team members. 


This best practice will help you to strategically align your people to create the well-oiled machine we all hear about. Just as a coach assigns specific roles to players to maximize a sports team’s success, you can apply the same principles within your team. This means aligning people based on their qualifications, experience, capacity, strengths, passions, and ability to succeed.


This isn’t about creating hierarchy.  This is about creating synergy.


Most people want to know what is expected. Good team members aspire to exceed expectations.


Finally, clearly outlining roles will assist you as a leader to identify training programs, mentoring opportunities, and other resources to promote the continued professional growth and success of your team.

Who is this proven strategy designed for?


Advisors who want to optimize working with the Client Service Assistants, Associates or others in the organization who assist them with the ongoing servicing of their clients to deliver and exceptional client experience within a professional, quality, and pleasant work environment.

WHAT should you expect?

  • Determine who will coordinate and oversee the major areas of your business

  • Identify specific tasks within an area each team member will own

  • Successfully delegate tasks and activities within your team

  • Create awareness of expectations and accountability for each role

  • Identify opportunities to provide additional training and mentoring to improve your team

  • Inspire and motivate your team through proactive management of these important relationships

HOW to Take Action & Implement Successfully?


PART 1: Create Your Advisory Blueprint

  1. Review the Your Advisory Blueprint worksheet to clearly define roles and expectations related to anyone who assists you with your clients which may include the following:

    • You or your Client Service Assistant

    • Other individuals, specialists, or departments within Your Organization

    • The Fulfillment Centre of CUSO

  2. Complete the Advisory Worksheet with your team, ensuring it reflects your existing business configuration as follows: 

    • At the top of each core function (ie., Account Administration) you must identify who is coordinating that area of the business.

    • Beneath each core function you must identify who is responsible for the sub-activities within that area (ie., Application Follow Up, KYC, etc.) – there may be more than one person involved in the different areas.

    • Add or remove columns to ensure all relevant areas of your practice are covered.

    • Add activities underneath each column where required to make it accurate.

  3. Analyze your Advisory Blueprint and make any final adjustments you believe will strengthen your wealth advisory team.

PART 2: Create Efficiency Through Awareness

  1. Analyze who is really doing what within your advisory practice.  Begin by reviewing Create Time Efficiency Through Awareness.

  2. For two weeks, instruct each individual on the team to record office tasks and activities using the Time Assessment Worksheet.

  3. At the end of the two-week period, analyze the patterns of activities to identify opportunities to:

    • Reassign

    • Reduce

    • Remove

  4. Any time you are frustrated with your ability to stay on top of things related to your role, or things are not going smoothly on your team, revisit this exercise to determine what needs to change. Just as your business continues to evolve, as will the people and roles along the way.

PART 3: Proactively Manage These Important Relationships

  1. Review Manage Your Wealth Advisory Team to get an idea of the various leadership activities you can integrate to help ensure everything runs smoothly when it comes to the people aspect of your team.

    • Review the leadership activities for the entire Wealth Team including:

      • Annual Strategic Planning

      • Quarterly Team Meeting

      • Weekly Team Meeting

    • Review the leadership activities designed for the individual Wealth Members including:

      • Celebrating Birthdays

      • Thanksgiving Acknowledgements

      • Moments of Truth

      • Mentoring & Training Opportunities

      • Other activities as appropriate

  2. Use the FORM Profile for Team Members as a method to really understand and get to know your team members and uncover opportunities for Moments of Truth.

    • Begin by writing down what you know.

    • Try to learn more over time.

  3. Carefully review the Moments of Truth for Team Members to review the various things you can focus on and acknowledge as it relates to:

    • Work-Related events

    • Positive Life events

    • Challenging Life events

  4. Increase motivation and energy by reviewing Go FISH!

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