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Your Clients

Business Meeting
  • Use time, energy, and money resources efficiently in delivering the Client Experience

  • Enhance referability by cultivating an experience that AAA and AA clients will want others to experience

  • Involve others on your team, CUSO, your organization, and third parties where appropriate to implement successfully

  • Maximize client events being organized and offered by your organization

  • Maximize client events being organized by CUSO

  • Follow a process the day of the event to ensure event venue and logistics are ready to go

  • Leverage your Strategic Partners by inviting and/or having them as guest speakers at events

Family Portrait
  • Use the PFO to simplify and organize wealth management for your absolute best clients

  • Have the PFO become a significant part of your branding

  • To become the ‘go to’ person as it relates to any topic on wealth

  • To connect meaningfully to the ‘other half’ of the relationship

  • Think about referrals in a new way

  • Ensure your best clients are getting the attention they deserve 

  • Position the introductions as a value-added service for top clients

  • Ensure your best clients understand how their introductions will be managed

  • Regularly reinforce your introduction process to your top clients

Closing a Deal
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