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Introduction Mastery

"Don't bring your need to the market place, bring your skill."

 - Jim Rohn

WHY is this important?


Most advisors approach referrals in a passive manner.  Typically, they don’t talk about them and simply wait until they happen.  However, when we ask advisors where some of their best new clients and business growth comes from, it’s from referrals. Imagine if they were to become proactive with referrals – what kind of impact would that have on their practice?

Sounds great – right?  Except for the fact that most of the advisors we speak with haven’t seen or heard of any referral approaches they would be comfortable sharing with their best clients.  Many of them allude to ‘horror stories’ when it comes to some of the approaches they’ve heard over the years. 

This strategy will provide you with a proactive and professional approach to referrals that is advisor-friendly and will be well received by your best clients.  We will also address the key barriers as to why people don’t typically refer. This will help to positively impact the number of referrals you are receiving.  In fact, this is the type of approach where you may hear “Thank you” from your best clients. 

Who is this proven strategy designed for?


For Advisors who want to position this as a service for their very best clients – adding value to key relationships and helping clients help those important to them.

WHAT should you expect?


You will: 

  • Think about referrals in a new way

  • Ensure your best clients are getting the attention they deserve 

  • Position the introductions as a value-added service for top clients

  • Ensure your best clients understand how their introductions will be managed

  • Regularly reinforce your introduction process to your top clients

  • Proactively encourage multi-generational involvement (this is a form of business succession planning – ensuring that when wealth changes hands, it stays with you)

  • Learn a simple process to show gratitude when you receive a referral

HOW to Take Action & Implement Successfully?


Make the Paradigm Shift

  1. To get started, read Zen and the Art of Referrals, written by my Mindset Consulting Partner, Terry Gronbeck-Jones.

  2. Next, carefully review the list of your AAA and AA clients and meet with your team to ensure that all Client Service deliverables are being delivered exactly as expected to this high value client group. 

  3. With these high value clients in mind, review the Psychology of Referrals to get a new appreciation of the best way to position referrals to your clients.

  4. To better understand how everyone can gain through referrals, review The Win-Win-Win Approach.

Imprint Your Introduction Process

  1. Print a copy of the Introduction Process Scripting. 

    • Customize the script where appropriate for you.

    • Rehearse and role-play your Introduction Process Scripting until you feel comfortable. 

  1. When conducting the next round of Review Meetings with your high value clients, share and discuss your Introduction Process for the first time. 

  2. At subsequent Review Meetings with these same high value clients, spend about thirty seconds to reinforce your introduction process.

  3. When making calls to high value clients during significant market turmoil, you can also reinforce this concept appropriately using the Introduction Script for Turbulent Times.

  4. Finally, when you do receive an introduction, we believe you should show your gratitude immediately - before the outcome is determined.  We recommend you send a quality card with a heartfelt message thanking them for their ‘trust and confidence’.  We do not recommend gift giving which can ‘cheapen’ the process and become awkward in the event of a client on a ‘referral run’.  Instead, we believe it’s best if you spoil them as the AAAs they are.

  5. Carefully review Questions Your Clients May Ask You so you can respond professionally.

Use your CRM to carefully track the names of those who were referred by existing clients as well as, keep a running log in your existing clients in terms of who they referred to you and when.  This is important when you are assessing your clients annually to determine who your true fans are.

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