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Super-Charge Your Client Experience

"Do what you do so well, that they will want to see it again and bring their friends."

 - Walt Disney

WHY is this important?


The Client Experience is the foundation of how you manage relationships with clients, and it becomes synonymous with your branding. It fully incorporates how you commit to the ongoing servicing of each of your clients.

These service activities represent many meaningful touches for clients that are designed to increase your value.  Consistent outstanding service builds a high level of trust between you and your clients.

You have been through PSA 1 Foundations Program at this point and are implementing the Core 4 which is the heart of the client experience.  Some of you are already engaging in service activities and traditions that extend beyond the Core 4 and some of you may wish to start.  Regardless, this best practice will go over several well-received and appreciated client service activities that you can either fine-tune if already implementing or initiate if just starting out.

The focus of these super charged client service activities will be solely on your very best clients, which is very important as the average of the top clients for most Advisors is well over half a million to up and over a million dollars in AUM per client. Clearly this group is worthy of additional time, energy, and resources to;

A) Competitor proof them

B) Grow them through money in motion opportunities

C) Grow through referrals to their family and friends

Who is this proven strategy designed for?


Advisors who have mastered the CUSO Core 4 and are looking to be strategic with their time, energy and resources in a way that keeps and grows the top end of their client base so they can maintain an enjoyable profitable advisory practice.

WHAT should you expect?


  • Improve client loyalty and build higher levels of trust with your best clients by going beyond the CUSO Core 4 and super charging your Client Experience

  • Have fun by integrating new service activities for your clients that will make their day

  • Use time, energy, and money resources efficiently in delivering the Client Experience

  • Enhance referability by cultivating an experience that AAA and AA clients will want others to experience

  • Involve others on your team, CUSO, your organization, and third parties where appropriate to implement successfully

HOW to Take Action & Implement Successfully?


The CUSO Client Experience – Core 4

The heart of the Client Experience is defined as the CUSO Core 4 and all Advisors who have gone through PSA 1: Foundations Program and have been PSA Certified not only understand them, but they also fully integrate them into their advisory practice using the Maximizer Action Plan feature.

The CUSO Core 4 area as follows:

  1. Proactive Annual Review Meetings with Your Clients 

  2. Personal Calls to Your Top Clients

    • Relationship Calls made by the Advisor to the top clients.

    • Annual Service Calls made by the Assistant to the top clients.

  3. Thanksgiving Cards to your top clients every October

    • This is fully coordinated through the CUSO Team each year

  4. Acknowledging Moments of Truth for top clients

Ensure you are delivering on The CUSO Core 4 before you move onto adding additional activities to super-charge your Client Experience.


Super Charge Your Client Experience

  1. To understand the importance of taking your client experience to the next level, read Create Brand Loyalty.

  2. Consider the various ways you can Super Charge Your Client Experience. 

  3. Refer to these resources for additional information:

  4. Identify the ones you are already doing and would like to continue delivering.

    • Clarify the when, what, how and who for each of these activities.

  5. Identify any new client service activities you’d like to initiate and create a plan to do so:

    • When will you begin?

    • Which clients will receive it?

    • Who on the team will coordinate it?

    • What process and/or resources need to be organized so you are ready to execute them.

    • Reach out to myself, CUSO, or others as appropriate if you have questions about them.

  6. Fine-tune any existing client service activities and initiate new ones based on the decisions you’ve made.

  7. Set triggers on Maximizer so these additional service activities are delivered efficiently and with plenty of time for planning and execution.

  8. Refresh & Reset the FORM Information for your best clients.

    • Take the time to go into the FORM Profile for each of your best clients and make updates where appropriate – involve the entire team.

    • Identify future Moment of Truth opportunities and set triggers and plans accordingly.

    • Continue to pay attention to what is happening to your best clients.

  9. Make it happen and WOW your best clients!

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