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Your Practice

Business Plan
  • Anchor back to the Vision & Goals you have set out for yourself this year

  • Identify if there are any areas in the PSA 1 Foundations Training where you may have drifted off course due to any number of circumstances

  • Map out your specific goals and action items to get you fully realigned with PSA 1

  • Have up to date core marketing materials including your Introduction Kit and Website

  • Implement consistent email signatures across your team

  • Utilize standardized templates for Agendas, Letters, Emails, and more!

  • Ensure all other aspects of your branding are consistent

Creative Work
Typing on Computer
  • Define the master folders in your team shared drive, along with core sub-folders

  • Provide instruction for consistent naming of files

  • Identify the best ways for your team to use email effectively

  • Understand how the CRM fits with shared drives and emails

  • Determine the various individuals in your professional community who may be impacted by your social media

  • Identify which social media approaches will work best for you and your target market

  • Develop a proactive professional approach to managing your social media platforms

  • Create a stream of consistent, impactful touches on your professional community

Person taking phone into hands
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