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Integrate Social Media

"The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there."

 - L.P. Hartley

WHY is this important?


Social media is everywhere and here to stay.

When it comes to how to maximize the use of social media, the best approach is to have a plan.

Do not go down the social media rabbit hole. Some professionals have such a fragmented approach as they try to integrate every single form of social media available to them that it almost turns it into a full-time job. This is not a reasonable approach.

Do not run social media off the corner of your desk. Some professionals tend to their social media when ‘they have time,’ which does not create the branding consistency needed to make a memorable impact.

Do not ignore social media. There is yet another group of professionals who have completely ignored social media all together.

We believe there is a balanced, proactive, and professional approach you can adopt that will not be taxing on your time and effectively connects you with your professional community – clients, prospects, and strategic partners.

Who is this proven strategy designed for?


This is for Advisors who want to maximize their ability to reach clients, prospects, and strategic partners through a meaningful and professional Social Media approach.

WHAT should you expect?


  • Determine the various individuals in your professional community who may be impacted by your social media

  • Identify which social media approaches will work best for you and your target market

  • Develop a proactive professional approach to managing your social media platforms

  • Create a stream of consistent, impactful touches on your professional community

  • Maintain focus on your social media strategy by not being distracted by those you’ve assessed as not a good fit for any number of reasons

HOW to Take Action & Implement Successfully?


Identify Your Social Media Platforms

  1. Reflect carefully on the following as you assess your various social medial platform options:

    • Your Ideal Clients - What types of social media do they use?

    • Your next generation of Ideal Clients - What types of social media do they use?

    • Your Organization – What types of social media do they permit for professional use?

    • Yourself – What types of social media do you use and are comfortable with?

  2. Consider some of the mainstream social media platforms:

    • Your Website

    • LinkedIn Profile

    • Facebook

    • Twitter

    • Instagram

  3. To help with your assessment, please review our Social Media Guidelines.

  4. Decide which social media platforms you will include in your Marketing Plan and then:

    • Identify action items needed to resume or initiate these social media platforms.

    • Map out a plan to manage them proactively and professionally.

    • Trigger these social media management reminders on your Maximizer.

    • Review Annual Social Media Checklist.

  5. Review your social media plan annually for needed updates or adjusting based on the rapidly changing environment of social connectivity.

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