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PSA 15 - Pre-Appointment Process

"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."

 - Andy Warhol

WHY is this meaningful to you?

It's time to invest your efforts in making sure your best clients know all about you and what you do. It’s a good idea not to assume they already know. These are your high value and most loyal clients so it’s important to make sure that they are the first to know about your new service improvements. Since they are also your best source of potential new clients, taking the time to set up appointments with each one of them will be well worth the effort. Your high value clients need to understand your approach and how to effectively introduce others to you.

The good news is that you will have all the tools in place to bring them up to speed using a highly structured and professional approach. By following each of these Pre-appointment activities, you will be showing - not just telling - your clients that you have enhanced their client experience.

WHO is this proven strategy designed for?


For those who want to competitor-proof their best clients (i.e. keep them) and turn them into advocates.

WHAT should you expect?


You will: 

  • Consciously focus on the high value relationships to solidify them

  • Identify the first three people to go through this process

  • Begin to track all rebranding activities and the subsequent results of your efforts

WHAT you need to know


HOW to Take Action & Implement Successfully?


To proceed, you need to have your high value clients clearly identified – the top 20% of your clients generating 80% of the revenue. Start scheduling your existing clients so you can begin to introduce your service improvements. Begin with your AAA clients, then AA clients and finally single “A” clients. We also recommend you selectively deliver this to your ‘high B’s’ – those who have the potential to become A-level clients in the immediate future. 

As you schedule these meeting, ensure you are piggy-backing this Existing Client Process with an appointment which requires your clients' in branch presence (i.e. Review Meeting, Term Renewal, etc.).

  1. Schedule a meeting with each of your best clients, thoughtfully spread out.

    • Use the Step 1_Update Meeting Booking Script.

    • Be very clear on whom your best clients are – begin with your AAA clients. Set out a schedule for bringing each one of them through this four-step process over the next 6-12 months. You can use the Review Meeting process as a natural way to bring this process to your clients without interrupting their service expectations or your capacity. The sooner you can bring them through this process, the sooner you will see results.

    • Be sure to frame this meeting in the context that you will be updating their financial profile, that you will need them to bring some updated documentation and that as your valued clients you would like them to experience first-hand your enhanced service delivery.

  2. Send the client a copy of your new Introduction Kit.

  3. Confirm the client’s upcoming appointment.

  4. Update your Existing Client Rebranding Tracker accordingly.

You have now effectively set the stage to reposition yourself with your existing client.


 Remember to:

  • Refer to the Pre-Appointment steps on the Existing Client Checklist.

  • Ensure that each step is implemented at the appropriate point in the process.

  • Consistently use every aspect of the process with your high value clients.

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PSA 15 Pre-Appointment

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