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PSA 14 - Existing Client Process

"No matter how good you get, you can always get better and that's the exciting part."

 - Tiger Woods

WHY is this meaningful to you?

For most Financial Planners, some of their best prospects are their existing clients who don't yet fully empower them. In other words, for some reason, these clients have maintained investable assets or financial planning components elsewhere. This 'advisor diversification' may be a symptom that our clients do not fully understand all that we can provide.

Ideally, the most opportune time to achieve full empowerment from a prospective client is at the beginning of the relationship. However, you can and should reintroduce or re-educate your existing clients about who you are and what you do. If you do this using a professional and consistent process, they will come to understand and appreciate your new approach to financial planning.

We already know our Ideal Clients are the ones who tell others about our services and who are already predisposed to introduce us to their friends, family and associates. We also know that to be truly effective advocates, our clients need to be able to describe what we do. What would happen if they don't really have a clear and concise idea of all that we can provide? They may not be describing our Financial Planning effectively, and they may be undermining our ability to achieve full-empowerment from every client we meet. There could even be an issue of trust or clarity that can be remedied going forward.

WHO is this proven strategy designed for?


For those who want to competitor-proof their best clients and turn them into advocates.

WHAT should you expect?


You will: 

  • Experience renewed client engagement and increased advocacy with existing clients

  • Successfully position yourself as more than just an “Investment Advisor”

  • Have a system to track all rebranding activities

WHAT you need to know


HOW to Take Action & Implement Successfully?


As you move forward through the Existing Client Process, it is important for you to:

  1. First, become familiar with the flow of the Existing Client Process.

  2. Review and prepare to use all agendas, scripts and templates necessary to successfully carry out each phase of the Existing Client Process.

    • Each strategy in the Existing Client Process will have its corresponding agenda, script and template samples.

    • It is important that you familiarize yourself with each of these items and it is even more important that you understand what role they serve towards your existing clients’ experience.

  3. Ensure each step of the process is implemented at the appropriate point in the process.

  4. Consistently use every aspect of the process with your high value clients.

Note: The templates and scripts mentioned above have all been previously reviewed for the New Client Process. We are simply amending them to be appropriate for existing clients.

To stay organized as we work through this comprehensive client process:

  • Use your PSA Binder to organize and store information related to the Existing Client Process.

  • Create an Existing Client Process folder on your desktop, along with sub-folders for each of the phases.  Save all resources required for each phase in the process in the appropriate folder.

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