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Pillar 3: Client Onboarding

Businesswoman on Phone
  • Create a clear understanding of your role and where you fit into all of the “one stop shop”

  • Implement suitable investment strategies

  • Experience client engagement and advocacy early in the relationship

  • Have a system to track all new client activities

  • Have prospects better understand what you do and who you are best suited to work with 

  • Set the stage for fit.

  • Have your prospects tell you AND OTHERS how impressed they are with this process

  • Refer to “What You Can Expect from this Best Practice” on the next page for more

  • Provide new clients with the information necessary to ensure they are can determine if there is a fit

  • Gather the information necessary about the client to ensure you can determine if there is a fit for the financial planning products and solutions you provide (and if not, determine which services would be appropriate and make introductions to another financial representative accordingly

  • Continue to demonstrate you have a process for bringing on new clients;

  • Reinforce who you are and what you do, as well as, remind your new clients about your Introduction Process; and

  • Present your recommendations and move forward with investment implementation.

Present Surprise
  • For those who continue to want to exceed new client expectations.

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