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Maximizer CRM Training

Welcome to Maximizer Training

MAXIMIZER webinars and resources are just a click away!

To access these please click the DropBox link below OR  click on the VIDEOS below.

The webinars have a ton of information whether you are new to Maximizer

or would just like a refresher.

MAXIMIZER Live Training - Part 1

An Introduction to the CRM

MAXIMIZER Live Training - Part 2

Custom Fields, Action Plans & Advanced Searching


An Overview of Maximizer

MAXIMIZER Training - Part 1

MAXIMIZER Training - Part 2

Intermediate Learning Intro

PowerPoint Presentation

Training Handout

MAXIMIZER Training - Part 3

Intermediate Learning Continued

PowerPoint Presentation

MAXIMIZER Training - Extra

Installing the Maximizer Plug

Outlook for Email Integration

Maximizer Integration for Outlook Guide


Live Training for MFIS on Core Functions

Maximizer has many additional training videos which can be accessed on their website or searching on your browser.  These will be generic training tutorials and not CUSO-specific.  

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